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Climate Change is recognised as the greatest long-term threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

 What is Climate Change?

bulletClimate change is any long-term significant change in the “average weather” that a given region experiences
bulletClimate change includes changes in temperature, wind patterns and precipitation
bulletIn Australia there has been a 1 degree increase in temperature since the middle of the 20th century, this increase is often referred to as global warming
bulletThis has effected rainfall patterns across Australia seeing some areas rainfall decrease while others have increased
bulletIn recent years this has seen an increase in the severity of extreme weather patterns, i.e. stronger cyclones, tsunami’s, floods, droughts, winds, heatwaves etc

 What has caused this?

bulletThe increase of atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases
bulletGlobal changes to land surface, such as deforestation
bulletIncreasing atmospheric concentrations of aerosols

 How this is caused

bulletEmissions from all types of motorised transport
bulletBurning of fossil fuels
bulletDeforestation of land and rainforests
bulletIncreased use of chemicals and fertilisers
bulletUse of CFC’s in aerosols

 Magnetic Island Sea Kayaks Contributions to Climate Change are:

bulletTheir morning tour has a carbon footprint of 35kg
bulletTheir sunset tour has a carbon footprint of 0kg
bulletTheir business has a carbon footprint of 238kg
bulletUsing non powered craft for its tours
bulletUtilising existing public transport operators on their existing timetables for customer transfers
bulletParticipation in the pilot Ecotourism Australia / GBRMPA Climate Change certification program
bulletUsing the GBRMPA tourism operators emissions calculator to identify and improve its sustainability
bulletEducating customers about climate change

 What you can do to help reduce emissions

bulletUse public transport wherever possible
bulletWalk or cycle to the local shops
bulletSave electricity, use energy efficient light bulbs and turn off appliances
bulletRecycle paper, glass, cans and cardboard

 Want to know more visit these sites:

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